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SUB events: More than meets the eye

by Nick Zanetti
Senior Reporter

While I was doing interviews for my story about the changes to SUB this week, I was surprised to learn how much work and planning goes into every SUB event. There are dozens of people involved in the organization. They had a bustling office when I visited them. PIT crew members now undergo weeks of training where they learn to work every type of event, although their hard work is invisible to most students.

The SUB team seemed like a fun group of people to be around, and I’d highly recommend joining to anyone interested in event planning. One of SUB’s biggest annual events is the spring concert.

I was interested in hearing from Amanda Long, the president of SUB, about the changes to the voting that students participate in to determine who the spring show will be. She said Elon students were upset when SUB wasn’t able to book the specific artist that a lot of students vote for.

Not surprisingly, booking a big name artist to do a show is no easy task. The people in SUB have to work for months in advance to book an artist. This year the surveys for the spring show just asked students what genre they would like to have. The next time you are at a SUB event, remember that there are a lot of people working behind the scenes to make it a great experience.

Want more information about SUB? Check out Nick’s article in the upcoming issue of The Pendulum.


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