About the news blog

Here’s to new things.

At The Pendulum, we’ve been talking for a long while about developing a news blog. This will be something filled with the latest information on all the subjects relating to Elon students: Alamance County, crime, SGA, Town of Elon, university relations and notes from the news editors themselves. Hopefully it will be a place where people can comment, reflect and react to the news in their comments. It’s somewhere reporters can log smaller pieces that may not make it to print, so this can be a place where all news will find a home.

With “From The News Editors’ Desk,” we hope to have regular comment from the editors of the paper’s largest section, talking about some of the bigger issues, about some of the decisions that are made, about the various aspects of the job. What we hope to do is get across to the reader some of the things that are going on at the paper, some of the decisions that are made about what stories are run, some stories from covering the issues. We hope to add a perspective to the news here, and hopefully add to the discussion of news and events on Elon’s campus by providing information that may not be included in articles that run in the paper.

This is all very new. And very exciting. It’s another step in the development of The Pendulum’s multimedia.


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