Get to know your SGA representatives

by Grace Elkus
Senior Reporter

SGA elections for the freshman class took place last week, and I got the chance to interview the new president and vice-president.  Not only are they excited to get started, but they are also eager to meet the rest of the SGA council and voice their opinions.

Joe Incorvia from Harwinton, Conn., was elected president and is adamant about creating class unity.  He admitted that most people knew who he was before school even started because they had watched the video he posted on the class of 2015 Facebook group.

He told me the video was “philosophical,” and in it he asked his peers how they wanted to be remembered as a class.  He admits that sometimes it’s creepy because people he’s never met know his name, but that also it was helpful when he ran for the SGA position.

Sarah Paille Jansa from Atlanta was elected vice-president.  Although she has no experience in student government, she is looking forward to learning from the other officers and trying something new.  She says the process of writing a speech and getting signatures for her petition was a “whirlwind,” but it was definitely worth it.

The class senators include Robert Iachenauer, Joe Duncan and Kristopher Jiles.  Adrienne Euler is the class secretary, and Ciera Martinez is the class treasurer.  Martinez, who was president of her high school’s student council, is excited to be involved in the college level.

“My goals are to make our freshman year memorable!” she said.  “I’m looking forward to being a member of a team that will make significant changes.  Being a member of something bigger than yourself.”

The freshman class should be excited about their new leaders and what they will bring to their class and to the Elon community.

Look for Grace’s story in this week’s issue of The Pendulum, on newsstands and online Sept. 14.


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