The Pendulum Goes Abroad: Culture in Buenos Aires

This semester, The Pendulum will be working with a select group of international correspondents in study abroad programs all around the world to bring you first-hand accounts of the stories you would otherwise only find in major newspapers. From stories investigating culture and hard-news articles to photo stories of life abroad and the correspondents’ thoughts about their experiences, we’ll have you covered. We’ll even bring you the best recipes. Once a week until school starts, check back here at the News Blog to see the thoughts of a new correspondent as he or she gets ready to embark on a new adventure.

This week, read the story of Genevieve D’Cruz, double-majoring in Spanish and Religious Studies, who arrived in Buenos Aires in late July. Genevieve has been keeping an almost daily blog, so be sure to check it out to follow up on her adventures:

Argentine Congress in Buenos Aires. Photo by Genevieve D'Cruz.

I knew since age 15 that Buenos Aires, Argentina was going to be the place I would study abroad in college. Applying to universities without a Buenos Aires program was not even an option on college visits. I was, and still am, intrigued by the political, social, and cultural history of the country. The Dirty War is one of my favorite subjects to learn about to date. Now that I am finally here, I am more than ready to dive into what this country has to offer. As I chronicle my journey throughout my stay in Buenos Aires, I plan to go to as many museums as I can, and talk to as many locals as possible.

Through my correspondence with the Pendulum, Elon students will be able to learn a little more about the issues and events going on in Argentina today. I hope to write about the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo), a group of mothers and grandmothers who march in the Plaza de Mayo every Thursday in protest to government officials kidnapping their children and grandchildren (Los Desaparecidos) in the 1970s.

Argentina’s presidential elections will be taking place in October 2011 and I hope to capture different views and opinions on the various Argentine presidential candidates by conversing with locals and photographing grafitti and ad campaigns around Buenos Aires. The social and cultural background of the country are perhaps the most influential in terms of shaping the societal norms of Argentina and as culture and society are what most significantly affect people, I intend to explore the numerous social and cultural customs and define this beautiful country.

Keep an eye out early this semester for a photo story Genevieve is currently compiling about the election campaigns in Argentina.


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