Summer Sweep Cheat Sheet

Everyone’s done for the semester and it’s time for new jobs, new cities, new friends and new news. Instead of the regular, weekly Sunday Sweep, this summer we’ll be posting twice monthly “cheat sheets” that span multiple topics in the news instead of just one. For daily updates delivered right to your inbox, consider signing up for the Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet or New York Times news alerts.

Here are five of the top stories in the news right now–what you need to know, when you need to know it, where to look to know more.

1. YEMEN–As the Arab Spring continues, protesters in Yemen have chased their president from their country. Following peaceful protests modeled after those started in Egypt and Tunisia, the Yemeni uprising turned violent and 30 were said to have been dead by June 1. But even though President Ali Abdullah Saleh fled to Saudi Arabia after he was injured during an attack on his compound, and many suspect he will not return, William Hague, the British Secretary of State, has stated the instability could mean a higher terror risk for the U.K. Read more at the Daily Mail.

2. ISRAEL–Israeli forces killed at least 20 Palestinian protesters crossing the border into the Golan Heights. The protests had been planned for months, marking the 44th anniversary of the Arab defeat in the Arab-Israeli war. Palestinians and Syrian supporters insisted the land was Arab land. Some Palestinians have remarked that Israel’s violent response may help their cause, “proving” Israel is being more aggressive. Read more at The Chosunilbo.

3. ARIZONA FIRE–The third largest wildfire in Arizona state history continues to rage through the eastern part of the state and has yet to be contained by firefighters. About 2100 residents have evacuated from nearby towns and 1300 firefighters are working to contain the blaze. In an attempt to prevent further spreading, and to steer the flames away from other communities, firefighters have intentionally burned nearby patches of forest. Nearly 150,000 acres have already been burned in the fire. Read more at USA Today.

4. PULLING OUT OF AFGHANISTAN–President Barack Obama’s national security team has proposed a larger plan for pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Despite a warning from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that pulling out would neutralize successes achieved in Afghanistan, and that pullouts should be more gradual, plans indicate pushing Afghan President Hamid Karzai to rally manpower to replace U.S. troops. Read more at The New York Times.

5. MELANOMA–A new drug created to prolong the lives of skin cancer patients with advanced melanoma has been found to add two or more months to patients’ life expectancies. The drug, called vemurafenib, both suppresses tumor-causing genes and improves individuals’ immune systems to fight the disease. The trial was found so effective that it was stopped early in order to give the placebo test group the real drug. Read more at The New York Times.

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