Special Sweep: Top stories from this school year

Do you remember reading about these stories when they first came out in print? Here are this year’s top 7 stories, straight from the news editors’ desks.


*Creating a place to worship: New multi-faith center seeks to raise awareness and acceptance for students: Plans for a new building to replace the Truitt Center and create more meeting and worship space for all denominations on campus were unveiled early during fall semester. Preliminary estimates projected the total cost of the building would be between $2 and $3 million but there have been concerns since then that there may not be enough funding.

*Michelle Pfleger’s death: Early during fall semester, Elon freshman Michelle Pfleger collapsed in front of McMichael. Elon students and faculty soon got an e-mail from Smith Jackson announcing her sudden death. Memorial services were held in her honor and this article, by Jack Dodson, tells Michelle’s story and how current students and faculty were affected by her death.

*SGA Executive President found guilty of minor charge by Judicial Committee: Executive President of SGA Taylor Martin was found guilty of conduct unbecoming of a senator at the close of fall semester. Martin later issued an apology statement to the student body.


*Elon award recipient under investigation for fraud: Elon gave a “Hometown Hero” award to Bill Hillar during the 2010 fall semester to later discover his was accused of, and soon arrested for, fraud. Hillar had claimed to have been a retired colonel of the United States Army Special Forces.


*History of conflict in Egypt hits home for Elon community: When Egyptians followed the lead of nearby Tunisians who overthrew their government, Elon students who were abroad at the American University in Cairo were evacuated to Turkey before heading to the University of Haifa in Israel. The revolution sparked campus-wide discussions and many members of the Elon community, including Arabic professor Shereen Elgamal, originally from Cairo, commented on the significance of overthrowing then-President Hosni Mubarak.

*Review process raises questions from Elon students, faculty and alumni: Many students were outraged when Lisa Peloquin, assistant professor of sociology, was denied tenure. The denial led many faculty members to question the review process that determines whether a professor is eligible to receive tenure, and several letters from faculty members were sent to the administration on behalf of Peloquin and other professors denied tenure, but as of yet no one has been willing to speak with The Pendulum regarding the progress of Peloquin’s appeal.

*Osama bin Laden announced dead: Campus erupted upon hearing the news of Osama bin Laden’s death and the student body was split between celebration and quiet, personal reflection. This link leads to a consolidation of all continuing coverage of bin Laden’s death and the aftermath, so stay with The Pendulum for updates throughout the exam period.

Did we miss something you thought was particularly important? Let us know.

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