What’s happening around campus

Below are a few items discussed at the SGA meeting Thursday. Look for more in-depth articles in The Pendulum to better understand how these changes will affect you!

Hiring process– in addition to hiring a chaplain they still have to replace Niki Turley and Leigh-Anne Royster because they were promoted earlier this year. They also have to replace Greek Life director Carrie Ryan. And 2-3 resident life positions. Why are there so many spaces left open? Why leave the hiring process until the end of the year- who assumed those responsibilities during the year?

Since Elon leased the entire Crest complex the cost is $75 more per room per month. Also, because they are tearing down North area and building more Colonnades type dorms, those are naturally more expensive to live in. Basically, the less expensive living options are become more rare. How does this factor into tuition and the type of student Elon can attract.

Construction leads to change in parking areas and plans. There will be a decrease in parking space in North Area, but more parking locations throughout campus.
Phi Kappa Phi induction on Monday. The ceremony concludes CELEBRATE week.

SGA has received complaints about the Homecoming concert options. Senate members fear that if students are not familiar with the band then the concert will have poor attendance and the funding would have gone to waste. Given that the Homecoming concert is funded by SGA money (student money) to what extent should students have a say in the concert/ should money be spent on a concert if students are not supportive of the event?

SGA redesign fan page on Facebook to increase transparency and make students more aware of executives’ responsibilities. Part of the reason a reporter from The Pendulum attends SGA meetings every week is to make sure that we are fulfilling our responsibility as watch dogs for the government. Nevertheless, with the rise of social media, the governing body as well must also take on some responsibility and promote transparency.

Melissa Kansky, assistant news editor

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