Special edition sweep: Trouble escalates in Syria

This is the semester of the “Arab Spring,” and the uprisings in the Middle East seem to be far from over. Most recently, the situation in Syria has started to take a more violent turn. Here are the editors’ top 5 ways to learn more.

1. Pendulum reporter Sylvia Ohanyan wrote an article earlier this semester about the beginnings of the uprising and she spoke with Syrian student Nada Azem. Take a look at Ohanyan’s article to learn more about Azem’s perspective of the situation and some of the history behind the revolt.

2. Stay on top of things by following the Syrian protests at The New York Times. New developments are posted daily and the summary of events is also frequently updated. Monday, the army deployed troops in tanks to disperse protests about a month in progress.

3. The Syrian protests are making waves in ways other recent revolutions have not, and will significantly influence the U.S.’ conflict with Iran, according to the LA Times. Take a look at the article to find out more about the large-scale effects of the Syrian protests.

4. Despite the Syrian government’s recent demonstration of violence toward its citizens, the country is set to join the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. Read it at the Christian Science Monitor.

5. What’s next? CNN tries to find out by talking with five analysts about their predictions for the next major international event to occur as part of the Arab Spring. Take a look and let us know what you think about their ideas.

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