The Sunday Sweep: Swept away

This past weekend, a tornado from a deadly storm touched down in the Town of Elon. Although there was no serious damage and no injuries at Elon University, other tornadoes from the storm flattened certain areas of North Carolina, killing some and leaving others homeless. From the editors’ desk, here’s a peek at some of the havoc this storm wreaked:

1. Check out The Pendulum’s complete coverage of the storm on our website. Next time you’re on Twitter, also be sure to check out the #EUTornado hashtag for other students’ perspectives of what was going on.

2. Even though the storm ravaged half the nation, reports indicate NC got the worst of its fury and the damage made national news. The Detroit Free Press has full coverage of state-wide damage.

3. To see what damage the storm did in other states before paying a visit to NC, take a look at this article from MSNBC.

4. If you were taking shelter during the storm’s visit to Elon and didn’t get a chance to see what it looked like, check out this YouTube video of one of the tornadoes that ripped through Sanford.

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