We the People:

In the interest of student accountability, the entire student body, not only SGA, should be aware of the Elon Student Government Association constitution and bylaws. At tonight’s SGA meeting the senate body voted 31-0-0 to pass amendments to the Elections Packet and voted 30-0-0 to pass amendments related to the Student Government Association Bylaws.

S.B. 11-4.1 A bill to amend the elections packet crafted an Elections Packet specifically for First-Year students and clarifying procedures for First-Year student elections.

S.B. 11-4.2 A bill to amend the Student Government Association Bylaws eliminated legislation concerning Acorn Society provided that it no longer exists as a committee. It also indicates that roll call votes are only necessary for legislation not procedural votes.

“It takes too much time and things like voting to vote are not necessarily things senators need to be held accountable for,” said Rachel Long, executive vice president. “What they need to be accountable for is how they vote on legislation and things like that.”

Roll call votes during procedural issues diluted the importance and clarity of what legislation was being voted on, according to Sam Warren, executive president.

Therefore, senators simply raise their right hand to vote on procedures. Nevertheless, if senators feel a procedure is deserving of a roll call vote they have the right to ask for a roll call vote.

-Melissa Kansky, assistant news editor


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