Sunday Sweep: Shutdown Showdown

Friday night was an intense one on Capitol Hill as Republicans and Democrats fought over the budget. And, in the face of a potential government shutdown at midnight, it wouldn’t be until late in the evening that an agreement was reached. Check out the links below for complete coverage.

1. Get a rundown of the agreement, courtesy of Time.

Much of the debate came between Democrat Harry Reid (right), Senate majority leader, and Republican John Boehner, Speaker of the House. Following the deal, the two released a joint statement.

2. As reports of the new budget deal broke, check out this coverage from CNN with reactions from lawmakers.

3. Much of the controversy between the two parties centered around funding for Planned Parenthood. Get the details in this story from the Washington Post.

4. The New York Times is arguing that the deal has shown a new centrist angle to President Obama’s policies. Check it out here.

5. Do you like to see the humorous side of things? Check out this collection of political cartoons compiled by the Washington Post.

6. What would a government shutdown have looked like, had a deal not been reached? Get the inside story from this article by the Associated Press.

7. Tired yet of extreme political partisanship? After blaming each other for days, both parties are now claiming success in last night’s last-minute agreement. Check out this story from The New York Times for more details.

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