New General Studies Program

Dr. Mould presented ideas concerning the new general studies program at the SGA meeting Thursday. The GST program has not changed in 15 years, and the review process began two years ago. The new program will begin in 2013 and be effective for the class of 2017.

The new general studies program has not been determined and are still in the development stage.

“We are trying to bring all the curriculums in the general studies program more in line with (the university’s) missions and goals,” Mould said.

These goals include a commitment to diversity and community engagement, he said.

The new proposed plan first year courses include Global Inquiry in place of Global Studies and Writing for the Global Citizen in place of College Writing. Calculus or Statistics will still be required as well. Foreign language requirements may increase and include an emphasis on the culture of the language as well.

Students may also need two Experiential Learning Requirements rather than one, which is the current requirement.

The categories for the distribution in the arts and sciences will change as well. Furthermore, categories will contain specific classes instead of entire departments.

The new categories better reflect the skills the university has deemed important, he said.

“We are taking hours away from some of the ‘grab anything distribution hours’ and repackaging them so you can take them in an integrative way,” Mould said.

The new categories consist of textual analysis; scientific quantitative reasoning; the natural world; cultures and societies; invention, creation and critique; and global issues. Students will need to complete eight credit hours in cultures and societies and four credit hours in each of the other categories.

Again, none of these decisions have been finalized.

For more information about potential changes, check out The Pendulum article by senior reporter Becca Tynes.

The Senate also approved executive president appointments. Check out The Pendulum to see who is representing you!

-Melissa Kansky, Assistant News Editor


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