The Sunday Sweep: What’s going on?

Friday was an interesting day in the tech world. Did you hear about all the new inventions that premiered? From the news editors’ desk, seven crazy things from Friday you’ll definitely want to see. 

1. Gmail motion: Are you sick of typing yet? E-mails always take so much longer to send than you anticipate, so Google has come up with a fast, fun and easy way to get your work done. Instead of sitting at a desk, just download Google Motion and use your computer’s webcam to type e-mails with body language. Time to send? Just pretend to lick a stamp and slap your knee.

2. YouTube viral videos of 1911: The early 1900s had no Rebecca Black, but moving pictures still went pretty viral. Check out YouTube’s top five clips from 1911.

3. The Apple Friend Bar: If you’re a mac, you’ve probably been into an Apple store at least once and even if you’re a PC, you’ve probably heard of Geniuses. Well, now Apple is adding the Apple Friend Bar for mac lovers to schedule time with Apple employees just to discuss things that Apple lovers love. Rumor has it it’s a great success and some people have signed up for four-hour sessions.

4. Huffington Post Paywall: The New York Times recently instituted a paywall requiring users to pay for unlimited access to online articles. In response, The Huffington Post has set up a paywall, too, but just for New York Times employees. The first six letters of every word are free, but users must pay to finish words exceeding six letters. The good news? As long as you don’t work for The New York Times, you can continue to read The Huffington Post at no charge.

5. Hulu shows its roots: Ever wonder what Hulu looked like in its early days? For a limited time, you can see Hulu’s homepage as it was in 1996. It’s pretty primitive, but who doesn’t look back lovingly on the days of dial-up?

6. Starbucks whenever, wherever: Starbucks isn’t really on every street corner in Elon like it is in Boston and New York City. So, Starbucks has created an iPhone app to allow its customers to order from anywhere and receive near-instant delivery by the closest barista. Called “Mobile Pour,” the app is perfect for anyone who needs a cup of coffee on the go.

7. Johns Hopkins University drops the ‘s’: People are always stumbling over “Johns Hopkins,” and the president of the university has stated he is giving up. Finally, the university plans to drop the ‘s’ in ‘Johns.’ It’s unsure how long the transition will take, but work has already begun and will be completed as quickly as possible.

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P.S. Just in case you didn’t guess… April Fools’!

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