What to look for:

Want to stay informed about everything related to Elon and the community? Don’t forget to check The Pendulum daily for constantly updated news and coverage of campus that matters to YOU.

Here’s what you can expect from us this week!

Tuesday, March 29: Check out coverage of the media and politics conference as well as speaker Jessica Dallow’s presentation.

Wednesday, March 30: Look for a story about changes in the funding of Elonthon this year.

Thursday, March 31: Check out stories about three speakers on campus: Jacob Hacker, Golan Levin & Mike Berenstain.

Friday, April 1: Look for a profile about Crista Arangala, associate professor of mathematics.

Saturday, April 2: Check out coverage of the Diversity Coverage and a presentation from essayist Time Wise. Don’t forget to check this News Blog for updates from news editors and reporters about the stories they worked on this week and what to expect in the following week’s issue.

Sunday, April 3: Look for a story about voting issues in North Carolina. 

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Pendulum this Wednesday, March 30 anywhere on campus or online!


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