Elon looks to expand need-based scholarship opportunities

Currently providing only 52 students with need-based scholarship funds, Elon University looks to expand its financial aid opportunities next fall.

Lauren Flinn, assistant director of the multicultural center, said Elon’s Odyssey and Watson scholarship programs serve as the only need-based scholarships on campus. She said all other scholarships, like the presidential scholarships, are merit-based. 

To address this, Elon will double its number of Watson scholars next fall, Flinn said, as part of the strategic plan to get more students from need-based backgrounds. She said the university usually accepts eight Watson scholarship students every year, but next semester, Elon will take 18.

To read more about the need-based scholarship opportunities available to students, check out this week’s issue of the Pendulum (3/16). Learn more about students who are at Elon with the help of these funds as well as the opportunities that have been granted to them through the Odyssey and Watson scholars programs.

-Sam Parker


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