Sunday Sweep: Libya

As one of the next “dominoes” to fall since the Egyptian protests broke out in late January, Libyan citizens are pushing for freedom. But, their government is shoving back–hard. Here are the editors’ top five ways to figure out what’s going on.

1. Read about the start of the protests as reported by Al Jazeera…

2. …And then read about the history leading up to the conflict as seen in USA Today.

3. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of articles already posted on the Web about what’s been happening in Libya. To take a step back and read a simplified chronology of events, take a look at this timeline from the New York Times.

4. The Libyan government has claimed that its treatment of its citizens has been civil. But, even a quick peek at this compilation of photos and videos from The Daily Beast demonstrates otherwise. Even with a complete “media blackout,” with no access to Facebook, Twitter, Al Jazeera, or other forms of news, footage of the government’s treatment of protesters has been leaked. Warning: the multimedia in this post is extremely graphic–please view with caution.

5. Many efforts have been made to attempt to help Libyan protesters, but the crisis is turning out to be more than humanitarian organizations can handle. Take a look as Australia’s ABC investigates how quickly the Libyan protests have turned into an international concern.

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