Where is your money going?

Dining options and experience will change next year. Jeff Gazda, ARAMARK’s resident district manager at Elon, delivered a presentation that explaining the new dining options. According to Gazda, student complaints regarding the value perception is the main motivation for redesigning the meal plan. The new plan offers students unlimited access to all-you-can-eat dining halls, such as McEwen, Colonades and Harden. Gazda said he believes this will transform the dining locations into more of a social scene. He also said that the “All Access Basic” dining option, which includes unlimited access to all-you-can-eat dining halls and $400 meal dollars per year, is more congruent with financial aide models.

SGA funds are derived from student activity fees. The Student Government Association voted on allocating funds. SGA will allocate $1,000 to help send 35-40 students to Powershift conference, an energy action coalition in Washington. The $1,000 pays for Elon students registration free. For more information about the Powershift conference, read The Pendulum article by Caitlin O’Donnell.

SGA also voted to give the ElonNetwork $1,000 to help pay for five advertisements in The Pendulum. Senior Charley Costa, co-founder of the ElonNetwork, intends to maintain an element of secrecy with regards to the student run event, which is open to all students April 4th in Alumni Gym.

SGA election results are available, but there are still numerous vacant positions open for interested students.

-Melissa Kansky, assistant news editor


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