Sunday Sweep: Health Care

What’s up, doc?
The Health Care bill is famous to some, infamous to others.  Do you know enough to pick a side?  Here are the editors’ top seven ways to get the facts straight.

1. Take a look at this great resource from CBS News for some of the details of the bill, including the cost, proposed coverage and effect on Medicare.

2. Check out New York Time’s complete coverage of the bill, in their Times Topics section, which is routinely updated with new stories.

President Obama signed the bill into law March 23, 2010. But the debate surrounding the bill between both parties continues today.

3. If you’re so bold, check out the bill itself and current status in Congress, straight from The Library of Congress. Be sure to let us know your thoughts–especially if you get through the whole thing.

4. See what informed analysts–professors, politicians and leaders of well-known organizations–have to say about the claim that the bill is unconstitutional in Politico’s Arena.

5. Check out this article from the Miami Herald about why some of the “other stuff” in the bill makes potentially repealing it way more problematic.

6. How is the government marketing this?  Take a peek at the government’s portrayal of the bill on the website dedicated to its reform.  Is this comprehensive enough to be an accurate representation?  You decide–and make your case in our own campus-wide debate.

7. Many people have publicly criticized Congress for failing to spend enough time reading the mass of legislation, including those who created Read The  Valid case?

Coverage of what the Health Care bill means for you hits the stands next Wednesday (Feb. 16).  Keep up until then by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and grabbing this week’s issue early Wednesday morning–before it’s too late.

Sunday Sweep is a new section of the News blog dedicated to keeping you informed about issues that affect you.  We know it’s not always easy to keep up, so be on the lookout every Sunday evening for extensive coverage — condensed.


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