Faculty and staff members rewarded for excellent work

At the Jan. 24 Elon University budget forum, the budget committee proposed a salary pool of two percent, which will go toward raises for faculty and staff members.

According to Tim Peeples, associate provost of academic affairs, one percent of the salary pool is distributed to faculty and staff members who have completed all necessary tasks required of them.  The other one percent is used for merit and is distributed to faculty and staff members who have done excellent work.

Peeples said the merit system acts as a motivator and helps reward faculty and staff members for excellent work.

According to Peeples, the salary was not raised much this past year due to the conditions of the economy. The slight increase in tuition, however, now allows for a salary pool.

Peeples said the primary method for adjusting compensation for faculty and staff members comes through a salary increase. It is the only mechanism for rewarding excellent work, he said.

Learn more about the salary pool faculty and staff members will receive in this week’s edition of the Pendulum!

-Becca Tynes


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