If you are a student or faculty member at Elon University, chances are you have at least caught the drift that the school has been positioning itself to lower its carbon footprint– Elon, like many others, is going green.

Last week, I covered the upcoming spring POWERless competition. Many on-campus residents are familiar with the competition, which encourages students to reduce their energy consumption, particularly in their residence halls. This spring marks the fifth POWERless competition for the university.

While I was able to talk to Elon’s sustainability coordinator Elaine Durr, I also got the opportunity to speak with two student interns in the Office of Sustainability, along with an RA who had won last year, to get their perspective on it. I really enjoyed my conversations with Brittany, Molly and Holly because it was nice to hear an honest opinion on the competition. Sure, they realized that this competition is not necessarily going to revolutionize all the students’ habits; however, they all seemed to believe that a competition like this is a very simple, practical way to get students’ attention about energy conservation.

POWERless officially begins on February 15. Come to College Coffee that day for the Office of Sustainability’s kick-off for the event and look for my story in this week’s issue of the Pendulum!

-Natalie Allison


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