Confused about Cairo? Top five ways to know what you’re talking about.

The current uprisings in Egypt have been making major national news lately. Have you been keeping up? Here are some of the best ways to get informed and stay updated.

1. Read this article from The New York Times about the turn from peaceful protests to violent clashes and take a look at the interactive satellite timeline-map of Cairo with photo and video.

Anti-government protestors are calling for President Mubarak to leave office immediately. Image courtesy of The New York Times.

2. Sign up for the Cheat Sheet from The Daily Beast. Get email updates every day with summaries of and links to the best coverage of the uprisings in Egypt.

3. Explore the Middle East section of Al Jazeera English, which is no longer streaming live footage of the protests in Egypt but continues to stream live coverage of the situation.

4. Listen to this recording by a reporter from The Guardian who spoke to Egyptians amid the protests about the violence inflicted upon them. Listen all the way through; it gets intense near the end.  This is real.

5. Make Google News your homepage so you see updates on your way to check your email and surf the web.

Also be sure to follow The Pendulum on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and watch out for next week’s in-depth coverage of the clashes in Cairo, hitting the stands early Wednesday morning.


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