‘Tis the season for holiday shopping

Its that time of year again!  Malls and retail stores across the country will be filled with shoppers hoping to find all items on their holiday wish lists.  Well…hopefully.  This week in The Pendulum, I wrote a story discussing Alamance County retailers’ high hopes for holiday sales this year.

I spoke to Kris Wieczorkowski, the services manager at Best Buy in Alamance County, who said that because the recession is over, he believes people will be spending more this year.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the nations’ recession began in December 2007 and lasted through June 2009. The bureau reported that it was the longest  recession the country has endured since World War II.

Peggy Horner, assistant manager at Dress Barn in Alamance County, thinks a little differently than Wieczorkowski.  She said she thinks people may spend a little more this year, but she believes the economy is just about the same as it was last year.

While retailers may hope people spend more this year, we won’t find out the impact holiday shopping makes on the economy until after the holiday season. Until then, enjoy the crowded shopping malls and purchase as much as you can on your wish list with the hope that this year’s holiday season truly will turn around the economy.

By Becca Tynes


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