Bursting Bubbles at Elon

Here at Elon, we have a program called “Burst the Bubble.” During our three-week long Winter Term, students can sign up to actually teach their fellow students. This week in The Pendulum, I did a short piece about the program, in anticipation of next semester’s courses being announced.

This was an example of resourcefulness on our part, on staff. Although I thought this would be a good story, I jumped the gun a bit. The official selections for this year were not available until after our deadline, and the break made getting in touch with sources difficult. So, we improvised, splitting the story into two bits. This week, we printed the first part, which was just a brief overview about the program as a whole. Next week, we’re looking to do a graphics-heavy story, with information about January 2011’s course listings, with descriptions and quotes from some of the student instructors.

My story this week reminded me about one of the great things about working for a student newspaper: you get to learn things about your school you might not otherwise pay attention to. And as a person hungry for any amount of knowledge I can find, I really like that.

-Rachel Southmayd



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