Check out the latest Pendulum

You can click on the Issuu link on the side. Or check out the website. Here’s a view of the front page:

The Nov. 17 Pendulum: vandalism and volleyball championships

Check it out at the stands, or if you’re off campus, Issuu is a great way to stay on tabs with the latest Elon University news. This week’s issue was an interesting one because we had a good mix of softer, more enterprise pieces and some harder news like the vandalism piece. We’ve had a lot of these kinds of mixes lately. As we’ve shifted our focus toward more specifically Elon, we’ve found that a lot of times we’re writing about histories of programs or the way things work around here — not necessarily things that are hard news. But for us, it’s an interesting way to view the university, keeping an eye on the various programs that make this school run.

Anyway, with two more issues left in our tenure as news editor, we hope they’ll be good ones with some stronger, well-reported stories. Keep up the last couple weeks to see what we’ve been working on.


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