Putting the paper together.

When you browse through stories posted online Tuesday afternoon or pick up a paper Wednesday morning, you most likely don’t realize what goes into putting those 24 pages of content, pictures, graphics, headlines, cutlines and infoboxes together.

No matter how it seems, it’s a lot of work. It takes teamwork, strong communication and 10 or so hours of dedicated work on a Monday night.

Around here, we like to call our paper a weekly miracle and it really is just that. When you realize there  is an entire page is missing content, there is no front page art or a story never even came in, it can feel like the paper is without hope. But, it always come through. And the hard work is always worth it.

So don’t forget to check out this weeks issue of The Pendulum online…and grab your copy tomorrow morning!

-Caitlin O’Donnell, News Editor


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